Davis Vines and Pines



Our Zinfandel grape produces a well-balanced, smooth, and aromatic wine rich with strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry flavors. Dark & fragrant, our grapes are sold throughout El Dorado County to many of the elite wineries. In 2006, our Zinfandel, made by Gold Note wineries, won double gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Since 2012, Artesa Wineries in Napa have been the exclusive buyer of each years harvest.


Petite Sirah

Produces very dark, inky colored wines that are relatively acidic, with an herbal bouquet and black pepper overtones. It is an elegant, aromatic wine, with flavors of citrus, especially blueberries & plums. Our Petite Sirah produces wine with hints of wild blackberries that grow along the paths connecting the vineyards. In 2008 Gold Note won Best of Class at the Savor Magazine North of the Gate Wine Competition for their 2006 vintage. Artesa Winery in Napa has bought each years harvest since 2012.


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